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Volunteers adapt to lockdown

Volunteers adapt to lockdown

During Covid-19 lockdown, our Sense of Place volunteers who we wrote about during Volunteers’ Week have been doing all they can to create new content for the Tameside Local Studies and Archives blog.

With the centre being closed at the moment, John, Norman and Eric have been finding new ways to work together from home, and they have done a fantastic job.

The trio have been conducting telephone meetings to discuss new research and article ideas which are then typed up and sent over to Adullam, who runs Sense of Place in partnership with Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre, by Norman.

With access to archived material still available online, the three have delved into the history of local landmarks, factories, products and much more. They have discovered some interesting facts which can be found over on the Sense of Place blog.

The group has also been helping by participating in telephone interviews. These were to help people learn a little more about the project and the fantastic volunteers that work so hard on it.

The interviews explain the outstanding benefits one can gain from volunteering. The group is currently working on a piece about their experiences during lockdown and little tips and tricks to keep yourself busy too.

Adullam’s Volunteer Co-Ordinator in Tameside, Heather Butterworth, says: “I am very proud of this team of volunteers. They have shown incredible resilience and determination. They have displayed such passion and consideration for others at this time.

“The group has also stated that volunteering from home has been good for their wellbeing and has given them something to focus on.

“I cannot wait to have them all back in the office again for celebrations and to share our experiences. They are a fantastic team and are brilliant ambassadors for our service and Tameside Local Studies.”