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Residents reflect on pandemic impact

Residents reflect on pandemic impact

For Adullam residents as for everyone else, the pandemic has seen huge changes to their lives and lifestyles.

Staff throughout our services have kept a close eye on everyone, adapted practices where needed and possible, and organised a huge range of diversions.

Involving everyone in discussions about how they are feeling and what they need has been an important part of the work, and as we progress out of lockdown, it’s as vital as ever.

At Adullam’s Positive Futures project in Oadby, Leicestershire, residents - young men and women aged 16 to 18 from different ethnic backgrounds and with different abilities - have been chatting with staff about how they have found living through the pandemic and how they feel as life starts to get back to normal.

Asked what changed in their everyday lives over the past year, totally opposite answers came in, with one of those who took part saying they had been sleeping more, while another said they could not sleep. A major concern expressed was that there had been no focus for the year.

It was reassuring to hear that the residents have felt safe and protected from infection at the hub. Equally positive was that everyone has managed to maintain relationships with others outside the hub, by using various online platforms including Zoom, Skype, Bubbles and Teams “(hate it)”.

Answers to the question are you worried about getting “back to normal” varied, and there are reservations. “Yes, want to get back to normal, but find the easing, going into town, overwhelming, too many people,” one said. Another admitted they had found it hard not seeing people face-to-face, but at least one said: “I have grown to like my own company.”

They look forward to meeting up with other people again but are very clear that they and others need to continue to follow the guidelines.

Having said they feel less at risk than before and attributing this to the vaccinations, every one of them said they would not have the vaccine themselves. Concerns were expressed about side effects, with specific reference made to blood clots. One did admit they would consider having it if they were travelling abroad.

“Boredom” was the most common answer to what have you noticed the most throughout lockdown.

Finally, the question of how they felt overall about what has happened was asked. “Angry” was the overall sentiment, particularly with the Prime Minister who the young residents say they don’t trust.

Conversations will continue at this and other of Adullam’s projects to ensure, through co-production, Adullam provides the best pathways out of the pandemic.


Image shows resident RE, wiping down a table in Oadby with an anti-bac wipe.