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Resident helps make poster user-friendly

Resident helps make poster user-friendly

A poster created to raise awareness about the importance of keeping up to date with rent payments has been made more user-friendly thanks to input by a resident at Adullam Homes’ care leaver service in Woolley Bridge.

Each section of text on the poster was discussed by Life Skills Coach Kerry with resident KW who checked that she felt the language and terminology would make the importance of keeping up to date with rent accounts clear to young people living in hubs, as well as explaining the arrears process.

As well as discussing the terminology used, KW offered some great advice on the colour schemes; she wears glasses and has eyesight issues and so pointed out which colours to use as backgrounds so text is easy to read. She also chose the layout of the poster.

Kerry and KW working on the poster together also made discussion about the importance of her own rent account possible. The day after she worked on the poster KW was moving from Adullam’s Woolley Bridge accommodation to the Association’s 24-hour hub in Chesterfield.

Describing the day she spent with KW, Kerry said: “We set up plan at start of day, cleaned her flat together, packed all belongings and discussed positives to take into her new tenancy.

“KW also chose a selection of pictures from our archive which shows different things she has been involved in during her time at Woolley Bridge. She has taken the pictures to put up in her new flat as a reminder that when she engages, she can do brilliant things.”

KW settled on her final designs for the poster which is being used at Adullam projects throughout Derbyshire and has been proud to tell staff and residents at her new home in Chesterfield that she played an important part in creating them.

This week is Adullam’s national Co-production Week, designed to kick-start another year of events and activities across the association in which everyone plays a part and has a voice.

Co-production is central to Adullam’s values as an organisation; in 2020 the Association was one of three finalists in the Co-Production category of the Homeless Link Excellence awards. It is now looking forward to delivering an even wider range of activities in the next 12 months.