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#Recovery Month - Jordan

#Recovery Month - Jordan

In the second of our videos for #RecoveryMonth we meet Jordan, and hear about his journey from being street homeless to where he is today.

Jordan had lived in council accommodation but got evicted due to rent arrears. He then lived in many supported accommodation projects but could not sustain these due to mental health issues.

He eventually found his way into the ABEN service in Bury and from there he was referred to the Bury Bridges Service with Adullam. He moved in, in October 2019, and got off to a bit of a rocky start due to behavioural issues related to his mental health issues. Jordan was placed on notice to leave the accommodation.

A homeless prevention plan was put in place which he adhered to and so was able to keep his accommodation with the Bury Bridges service.  Staff at the project supported him to engage with mental health services and his inappropriate behaviours began to reduce. Staff also empowered Jordan to open his own bank account and to pay his rent.

Jordan attended sessions around money management and anger management which have both helped him as he says in the video here.


Staff supported Jordan to reconnect with his family who he had not seen for years. After six months in service, Jordan was engaging well in support and showing that he can live independently by paying his rent on time, being a good neighbour and helping out around the project.

A decision was made that he was ready to take the next step and move onto more independent accommodation. As a result, he moved into a dispersed accommodation within the Adullam Bridges service and has since thrived and managed his bills and household tasks extremely well.

While Jordan does still suffer from mental health issues, he now knows how to address these issues and they have not impacted upon his tenancy.

Jordan is now looking forward to his future and is hoping to move into his own independent accommodation very soon.