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Pandemic plan updated

Pandemic plan updated

Since February 2020 Adullam has followed advice from Government in both England and Wales and Health & Safety bodies to ensure we protect the people who live, work or are affiliated to the association.

Our Pandemic Plan was activated on March 13 and subsequently has been adjusted following changes in Government advice.

Over the past few weeks, the Government has agreed that the five tests for easing measures have been met, and with this in mind, we must now adjust our thinking from ‘stay at home’ to ‘stay safe’.

Adullam has again updated its pandemic plan in line with these changes, taking careful steps to keep staff and service users safe whilst easing of restrictions go ahead. Copies of the revised plan have been sent to all employees and volunteers.

Among the key decisions the plan includes are:

  • Keeping to the two-metre rule rather than following the Government’s move to one metre-plus;
  • Staff working from home are classified as lone working and will need to carry out the necessary risk assessments associated with this change;
  • Staff are not to travel unless there is no alternative and when doing so have been told to be mindful of cross county / region infection rates.
  • A graded opening of offices is being introduced, reducing number of staff on site at any one time, amongst other safety guidelines.

Throughout lockdown, staff have been kept updated, provided with the equipment they need to work from home or on site, supplied with PPE, and regularly sent information and reminders to protect their wellbeing.

The revised plan acknowledges that remote support for service users cannot continue indefinitely and that some of Adullam’s most vulnerable clients require face-to-face interaction. The plan includes guidance to enable this to safely happen.

Training and Association meetings will continue to be held remotely.

It is not anticipated that any significant changes will be made to this plan for the next two months.