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Palace letter for Bury resident

Palace letter for Bury resident

A once homeless woman has received a letter from Buckingham Palace after she wrote to the Queen in praise of the care and support she has received from supported living specialist Adullam Homes in Bury.

In her letter, Victoria explained that she came to Bury after fleeing domestic abuse and was on the streets. “I was put in contact with a place for homeless called Adullam Homes by the Council’s Housing and Rough Sleeper Team. Adullam took me off the streets. They gave me very high standards of care.”

Her letter went on to say that six months after arriving she is still in an Adullam property but that her life has “turned around”. “Today I am a very strong, positive person who is now studying psychology to hopefully help people in situations I was in when Adullam Homes took me in.”

Several weeks after sending the letter, Victoria has received a reply on Buckingham Palace headed paper from the Queen’s Senior Correspondence Officer.

It says: “The Queen has asked me to thank you for your letter in which you pay tribute to the dedication and kindness of staff at Adullam Homes…. Her Majesty was touched that you should wish to share your thoughts with her.”

Both Victoria and Adullam’s team in Bury are thrilled with the response, a copy of which is being displayed on the wall of the main office.

Victoria was initially taken into accommodation that Adullam provides as part of Bury Metropolitan Borough Council’s (MBC’s) A Bed Every Night (ABEN) scheme. The project is funded as part of a wider Greater Manchester Combined Authority Initiative which provides accommodation and support to individuals who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by Rough Sleeper Outreach Teams.

Bury’s ABEN initiative operates very much in partnership with multiple agencies developing pathways for clients to access additional support in building resilience and skills. These include the Community Mental Health Team, Dual Diagnosis Team, Substance Misuse Services, General Health Practices, Covid Vaccination Teams, Sexual Health Services, the Integrated Neighbourhood Team and Bury Adult Services.

Victoria has successfully moved to step down supported accommodation in Bury and is looking forward to a brighter future.

Councillor Clare Cummins, cabinet member for housing services at Bury Council, said: “This letter is amazing, and I am delighted that the council’s rough sleepers service and Bury homeless assessment team were able to work so effectively with Adullam, with subsequent ‘move on’ support from Irwell Valley and Jigsaw.

“With this great partnership working there have been 53 positive ‘move ons’ from the ABEN service since July 2020.” 

Adullam Homes Housing Association celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022, having been established by Walter Moore MBE in 1972 with a single property bought with his own money to help homeless people. Today it provides specialist accommodation and services throughout the Midlands, North West, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Wales to support more than 1,000 people at any one time. It delivers quality housing, deliver tailored support plans, training, education, and employment opportunities to help people achieve stable lives and realise their full potential.