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New staff wellbeing system

New staff wellbeing system

All employees at Adullam have today been made aware of the launch of a new service to help take care of their emotional health and wellbeing. The launch has been timed to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week.

With research showing that significant numbers of people are affected by mental health issues, making it something that staff feel comfortable to talk about and ask for help with are vital.

Adullam includes pieces about emotional wellbeing in its staff newsletters and the HR team sends out resources and reminders about support staff can access, including counselling services from Westfield Health.

The latest step has seen the Association invest in an online system, being made available to all staff, to help further support their emotional wellbeing.

The system is an online hub based on a personalised assessment which gives each individual a comprehensive report and recommendations across seven areas of their emotional health. The report gives a red, amber or green rating for each area, highlighting areas individuals might want to work on.

Each employee is being given login details for their own account for which they set their own secure password.

Adullam will be able to get an overall report of the workforce’s emotional health and wellbeing but this will be anonymous. The hub is a private and personal process and confidentiality is paramount.

Elaine Sharkey, Director of Operations at Adullam, who has been instrumental in introducing the system, says:We are very aware of the emotional cost the pandemic has had on many people and so we have invested in an online emotional health assessment tool to support staff wellbeing and emotional resilience.

“We do not know what the next few months hold, but we do know we want a staff team that is emotionally healthy, resilient, and feels fully supported. We believe this system will add a useful element to what Adullam already provides to look after its staff.”