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How are you?

How are you?

Today (Monday May 10) is the first day of Mental Health Awareness Week. You might have already seen or heard about it on Facebook, Twitter or the TV and radio.


The fact that you might be aware of it suggests how far we’ve come since 2012 when the Time to Talk campaign first started. Mental health is discussed much more than ever before.


However, according to research, a significant proportion of people in the UK think there is still stigma attached to talking about it.


This is changing, slowly but surely, and Adullam wants to help by encouraging staff to talk about it themselves and with tenants, residents and service users.


One of the key things spoken about in connection with mental health and wellbeing are the Five ways to Wellbeing - easy steps you can take to improve how you feel. They are:


In terms of connecting, think about how many times you get asked: “How are you?”; probably lots, including by each other at work.


The answer is usually a polite: “I’m fine thanks, what about you?”


We often respond like this, even if we’re feeling anything but fine! This is a habit that hides how we truly are and can stop a conversation before it starts.


For Mental Health Awareness Week, when you’re asked this question, have a go at saying how you really are.


If you are feeling fine, try saying it another way – and notice how the other person reacts. Then invite them to share by asking them how they are. It could start a conversation and make everyone feel more connected.


More mental health tips and reports will follow this week as Adullam looks at and puts into action the Five ways to Wellbeing as well as this year’s theme of “Nature”.