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Event gives the unheard a voice

Event gives the unheard a voice

Heartfelt feedback and support have come in this week to an organisation that works with homeless people in Bolton after it planned and delivered a service on World Homeless Day at Bolton Methodist Mission.

Men and women who have been homeless and supported by the organisation played a big part in planning and delivering the service on October 10, which was attended by dozens of people.

It was Dawn Thornber, Operational Manager with Adullam Homes’ Bolton Bridges projects, that came up with the idea of the event which brought several organisations together and gave those attending a chance to find out more about people who end up on the streets and how homeless services help them.

The service included a video of JK who had been helped by Bolton Bridges. He introduced it himself and followed it by reading a prayer.

Kirsty, a resident with one of the Bridges projects, read a poem she had written for the occasion. She received a round of applause, something which she later told Dawn she had never experienced in her life before.

Comments and questions have come in following the service. One man said to one of the residents: “Thanks so much for being here, I never know what to say to someone on the street, you have taken away that concern, and I feel able now to approach them.”

The Superintendent said: “The service was so powerful; it gave the unheard a voice.”

The event should also have led to positive actions, with questions coming in including ones about how to donate to food banks.

Commenting on the service, Dawn said: “I was so proud of everyone involved. Help and support comes in so many ways: from a kind word, a named support worker, the community nurses who visit the hostels and B’n’Bs, the street kitchens, the foodbanks, the volunteers, the interpreters, to the army of people who donate clothes, gifts and food.

“We at Bolton Bridges, part of Adullam Homes, provide support to 81 residents in Bolton each week, some days are challenging, but we are privileged to get an insight into some of journeys these people have walked. We wanted to share some of that on World Homeless Day.”