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A celebration of diversity

A celebration of diversity

Adullam staff at our care leavers’ project at Peveril House in Derbyshire were invited to eat with residents SE and IS as well as AK to take part in an Iftar meal one evening this week during Ramadan.

On arriving at 8pm staff were greeted with what they described as “the single nicest sweet pudding ever made”. It was a cross between pancakes and doughnuts. IS and SE explained how they had made these and also offered to go through it with staff over the next couple of weeks.

After the sweet starter, SE and IS set up a torn bin bag* on the floor where food would be placed, as it is not their tradition to sit at a table to eat.

“We spent the whole meal talking about how different cultures are and what life was like growing up in Iran compared to growing up in England. The residents were really surprised at how little time English families spend with each other around mealtimes,” project Team Leader MB said.

“They explained that at any meal the whole family would sit, eat, chat, argue, fight, just about anything and this would be for hours. They commented that when English families eat they eat in silence, and all disperse to doing their own things again very quickly.

“The boys also talked about “playing out” in Iran and that it was always safe on your own street as there was always a parent from one family that would sit outside their house and keep a watch over all the children on the street to make sure they were always safe.

“Another big difference for the boys was how quiet England is in the evening. They said if they go out after maybe 7pm nobody is around. They talked of their families coming home from work for a family meal then back out to work in the evening where cars and buses would be running till way past midnight.

“The boys took such great pride in cooking, serving and hosting and are so keen to get others involved.

“Staff learned many new things about fasting. We were told that up to the age of seven parents would try to get children involved but it was not expected. However, from the age of 11 fasting is an expectation. The boys also explained any of the reasons for why you may not need to fast, including being pregnant, ill health or long-distance travel.

“It was a real pleasure to share this evening with the residents and to learn yet more about different cultures from around the world.

“We are immensely proud of the work we do in the High Peak for such a diverse client group, and we are huge advocates of the welcoming and all-inclusive environment we have built alongside our fantastic service users.”

*Side note- the genius idea with the bin bag – any food left on a plate, or anything spilt, was put on the bin bag and cleaned within seconds. Super easy and no mess.