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Beech House barbecue

Beech House barbecue

In support of the Mental Health Awareness Week, Adullam Social Enterprises (ASE) sponsored a barbecue (BBQ) for residents at Beech House, Congleton.   

BBQs …. as it turns out….. are good for your mental health!  First of all, being outside, especially in a green space, has been shown to help replenish our mental energy, particularly if we have had to spend a lot of time inside.   Also, “connect” is one of the five ways to wellbeing. Other important aspects of a BBQ such as music and of course the food are also great contributors to our mental wellbeing.

For many people, including myself, a flame grilled burger is a real comfort food.  I’ve always associated comfort foods with positive relationships, spending time with family and friends. 

We all felt that the BBQ provided a nice, safe relaxing space for residents to have conversations and simply share each other’s company while digging into a tasty hotdog or burger.

Residents agreed. LM - “I think that this BBQ is a good idea. Great way to bring people together.”  RM - “This BBQ is a great idea, it’s a good way to bring everyone together.” 

I’d like to thank the staff at Beech House who helped me to organise the day, particularly Ivan Hattingh who contacted residents and encouraged them to come along, and also did a lot of the cooking for us!

David Clements

ASE - Training