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Bald move for Rethink

Bald move for Rethink

Rethink, a London based charity supports millions of people affected by mental illness by challenging attitudes and lives and helps individuals throughout the country.

Kalie-Dee, a former tenant at Adullam Homes’ High Peak services, decided to support the charity following her own personal battle with mental health which she had suffered for many years.

Kalie-Dee said: “I have suffered from mental health issues for some time, which is something most people don’t know how to handle or provide support for someone like me. By raising funds for Rethink, is my own little way to help support a charity that has benefited me and will continue to support those affected by mental health issues.

I am hoping to raise £250 for the charity and I hope my small sacrifice will show my dedication to those that provide help for mental health sufferers.”

Staff at Adullam Homes, which operates through the Midlands and North West have already donated generously to Kalie-Dee’s donation page, to help her reach her target.

Trevor Palfreyman, Chief Executive of Adullam Homes added: “We wish Kalie-Dee all the success in reaching her set target soon and am very pleased that she is supporting a worthwhile charity – Rethink Mental Illness. At Adullam Homes, we always aim to restore hope and dignity through our support and housing and it’s great seeing Kalie-Dee, a former resident of ours continuing to do this in her own time.”