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Adullam Social Enterprises supports MHAW

Adullam Social Enterprises supports MHAW

Support for Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) has been provided by Adullam Social Enterprises (ASE) in the form of securing four telescopes for each of the regions in which Adullam Homes works, including Wales.

Telescopes are often out of financial reach for many people but as well as the telescopes ASE has been given educational materials and some eclipse filters for the upcoming partial solar eclipse on June 10.

This generous donation will enable tenants, residents and service users to learn about and enjoy Astronomy. It will also hopefully mean that they and Adullam staff will be able to see their first partial eclipse close up.

The telescopes have been donated by Scopes4SEN who believe that children with special educational needs and more vulnerable people should be given the chance to look through a telescope and explore the moon, the planets and the stars.  

At the end of 2015, Joanne and Patrick Poitevin took up the challenge to roll out the initiative for the United Kingdom.  So far Scopes4SEN has donated over 1100 telescopes, sometimes along with other educational material including solar filters, digital books, binoculars, meteorites, SUNoculars, planispheres, magnifiers, planetariums and CCD cameras.

Research suggests that there are lots of hobbies that do challenge the mind, however few challenge them like astronomy does.  When you are looking out at the universe, you tend to ask yourself questions such as, I wonder if we are alone?, or how did we become to be?.  These questions then lead to a deeper, more reflective way of thinking which actually makes you look within.  

Sharon Ames, Head of Social Enterprises, said: “This is a fitting donation for Mental Health Awareness Week.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Patrick Poitevin at Scopes4SEN for his generous donation that will now provide our residents in the West Midlands, East Midlands and South Yorkshire, the North West, and Wales with an opportunity to get involved and enjoy the benefits that this hobby has to offer, and of course I look forward to sending Patrick some of the pictures of our residents enjoying this wonderful gift.”