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A volunteer transformed

A volunteer transformed

Today Volunteer Coordinator Heather Butterworth celebrates a success story and a great volunteer, Ashfakur Rahman. Ash was Adullam’s Administration Assistant volunteer in Tameside until last year and went from being an insecure individual to a confident person who, with his new-found skills and outlook, has secured a full-time job.

Heather takes up the story.

Ash was with us for around 18 months. From the day I interviewed him I knew he was going to be a fantastic volunteer. He had a passion to help others and I could see how much he wanted to further his knowledge and experience.

When he first started you could tell he was nervous and didn’t believe in himself but over time his confidence grew and he really came out of his shell. He worked very closely with Gemma Marland, our Assessment Coordinator, and she always made sure he had something to be working on and learning. Ash loved a challenge and always put himself forward for new projects and experiences.

During his time with us, Ash learned how to process referrals, handle telephone enquiries, use our Pyramid system and conduct assessments. He is a real ‘people person’ and worked admirably with all our service users. I believe he would make a great support worker if he ever decided to go into that field.

Ash dedicated so much time and effort to Adullam and his volunteering. On top of his official volunteering duties, he attended all our events and even had a permanent feature in our newsletters where he wrote reviews of the films we had shown at our events. He is a kind, funny person and became an important part of our team.

When Ash said he was ready to start looking for employment we helped him source vacancies and assisted him with his CV and job applications. With all his new skills and new-found confidence, he was soon offered a job at JD Sports. He was over the moon! We were very sad to see him leave, but at the same time were all excited for him and very proud of what he had achieved. He had developed so many skills since joining us and became a new, confident person.

Ash still stays in touch with us and before lockdown used to call in to the office to pay us a visit.

We are always glad to see him, and he always has some lovely stories to tell us about his work, hobbies and family life.

We would like to thank Ash for all his hard work during his time with us. He was a shining example of what a volunteer should be and what volunteering can do for you. Ash will also be coming into the office for our volunteer celebrations – whenever they can eventually take place.

Heather Butterworth, Volunteer Coordinator, Tameside Unlocking Potential