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A changed young man

A changed young man

When LB arrived at Adullam Homes’ Empowering Futures hub in Oadby he was a very guarded, sometimes rude, and aggressive teenager on a Rehabilitation Order. Within six months, the Oadby team helped him to develop interpersonal skills living independently in his own home.

A Looked After Child (LAC), LB who is from Leicester moved into the Empowering Futures Oadby hub in October 2019, just three months shy of his 18th birthday. 

LB’s referral application revealed that he had been a LAC under Section 20 – where local authorities provide children in need of suitable accommodation with somewhere to live - since 2016. He had been with four different placements before Adullam, including one out of the city.  A risk assessment concluded that LB presented as high risk with complex need.  He was on a 12-month rehabilitation order for possession of drugs with intent to supply, sentenced in August 2019. 

Additionally, LB was regularly a missing person and his previous placement had broken down due to a verbal altercation in service.  LB was involved with external agencies including a Youth Advocate, Youth Offending Service, 16+ Team and Turning Point. 

When he arrived at Adullam’s Oadby hub his immediate needs were identified and he began working with Support Worker Robert on a tailored support plan, designed to provide him with the skills needed to ensure he would be able to maintain his own property and live independently. 

As a heavy cannabis user, over the following six to 12 weeks and in the run-up to Christmas, there were some ups but a lot more downs with LB.  There were regular reports from staff about his behaviour and breaching of house rules.  Although engaging on a basic level with all statutory orders and support meetings, LB was breaching curfews, failing room checks, and using abusive language/behaviour.

Staff persisted with support and began to see the self-protective walls he had built up coming down.  During support meetings he started to share and engage with staff, talking about his experiences as a LAC under Section 20. 

He was also beginning to make more effort in adhering to curfew times and made attempts to achieve successful room checks.  Staff saw an improvement in his self-confidence, self-esteem, and he started use the communal facilities on offer.  The improvements hadn’t gone unnoticed by his social worker either, who commended Adullam staff on the work they were doing and who said: “In my time with LB I’ve never known him to be so well behaved and not go missing.”

In January 2020, with the support of Adullam staff, LB attended a Compliance Meeting regarding his Rehabilitation Order.  The outcome of this was that the order was revoked six months early.  A deciding factor in this was the progression he had shown during his time at Empowering Futures. 

LB, now aged 18, had become more focused and there was a significant decrease in his use of cannabis.  He began work with staff, alongside his 16+ worker from Leicester City Council, on an ASDAN booklet, completing work on independent living skills, effective money management, managing a tenancy and other topics needed to ensure he would be ready for his own property.

In February 2020 LB continued to show signs of improvement; applying for apprenticeships, forming friendships with other residents, maintaining his room well and adhering to house rules.  With staff support, applications for Universal Credit and to Leicester City Council for housing were made.  LB was quickly offered a one-bedroom flat in the area of his choosing and then worked with hub staff in selecting household essentials to be obtained with his Leaving Care Grant. 

LB moved out of the service in March 2020 and his last week as a resident at Adullam Homes’ Empowering Futures project in Oadby saw him spending the days decorating his new property, returning to the hub beaming with confidence.  He was utilising the skills he had learned as a resident.

LB is now ready for the next chapter of his life, an excellent example of Adullam Homes Housing Association restoring hope and dignity through quality accommodation and support.

Adullam Homes Housing Association runs Empowering Futures in Oadby and Loughborough. The project provides supported accommodation for homeless 16 to 18-year-olds, coaching individuals applying an asset-based approach developing the skills necessary to live independently. All referrals come through the Family Placements Team at Leicestershire County Council.

Image shows the lounge at the Oadby hub.